Effect Of Fraud on contract

   As per Section 17 in The Indian Contract Act, 1872 17. ‘Fraud’ defined.—‘Fraud’ means and includes any of the following acts committed by a party to a contract, or with his connivance, or by his agent1, with intent to deceive another party thereto or his agent, or to induce him to enter into the … Continue reading Effect Of Fraud on contract

Kinds of Contracts

There are basically 5 types of Contracts Valid contract Void Contract Voidable Contract Unenforcable Contract Illegal Contract Valid Contract :                                                                        … Continue reading Kinds of Contracts

Essentials Of A Valid Contract

The essentials of a valid  contract are Two Parties Consensus- ad - idem Capacity to Contract Free Consent Lawful Consideration  Legal Relationship Lawful object Terms must be certain  and Possibility of Performance Two Parties: To Constitute a contract there must be an offer and acceptance. The person who offers or makes an offer is called … Continue reading Essentials Of A Valid Contract