Order V CPC

ORDER VIssue and service of summonsIssue of Summons Summons.—1[(1) When a suit has been duly instituted, a summons may be issued to the defendantto appear and answer the claim and to file the written statement of his defence, if any, within thirty daysfrom the date of service of summons on that defendant :Provided that no … Continue reading Order V CPC

Ganesh Trading Co vs Moji Ram

However negligent or careless may have been the first omission, and however late the proposed amendment, the amendment may be allowed if it can be made without injustice to the other side subject to conditions such as payment of costs. Procedural law is intended to facilitate and not to obstruct the course of substantive justice. … Continue reading Ganesh Trading Co vs Moji Ram

Abdul Waheed Khan vs Bhawani And Ors

Excerpt : Supreme Court of India Abdul Waheed Khan vs Bhawani And Ors on 21 February, 1966 Equivalent citations: 1966 AIR 1718, 1966 SCR (3) 617 Author: K Subbarao Bench: Subbarao, K. PETITIONER: ABDUL WAHEED KHAN Vs. RESPONDENT: BHAWANI AND ORS. DATE OF JUDGMENT: 21/02/1966 BENCH: SUBBARAO, K. BENCH: SUBBARAO, K. RAMASWAMI, V. CITATION: 1966 … Continue reading Abdul Waheed Khan vs Bhawani And Ors